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What needs attention when choosing tarpaulin

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Linyi tarpaulin (or waterproof cloth) is a high-strength waterproof material with good toughness and softness. It is often used as canvas (oil canvas), polyester coated with polyurethane or made into polyethylene plastic. However, when selecting, there are several things that need attention:

  1. For its environmental protection performance, people nowadays pay more and more attention to their own health. Not only do the things used in the home need to be environmentally friendly and green, but also the things used outdoors are the same, because they are the same as ours. There will be long-term contact, so it is very important to choose products made of environmentally friendly materials.

  2. Pay attention to its performance. Basically, tarpaulin mainly has two functions, one is for shading, and the other is for blocking rain. Basically, everyone can see this by testing it on the spot. Look at the corresponding UV protection factor.

  3. It should have anti-seepage and strong sun protection function. This can be said to be the condition of the tarp. Moreover, a good tarp should also have the functions of anti-acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, and can prevent weathering and anti-oxidation. Therefore, tarpaulins that are to be used in the breeding environment should have such advantages.




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