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The tarpaulin must be affected by the additional force of wind, rain, and economy in use

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Now the products produced by tarpaulin manufacturers are very convenient to use, and tarpaulins can also be made into different colors. However, they should be maintained according to their purpose during the use time. Now let's learn more about their maintenance knowledge!

What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of PE tarpaulin? Every time you use it, you need to put it on in real time and let it dry naturally. If the invented tarpaulin is stained with dirty stains, we need to remove them with clean water and wipe them clean in real time. However, during the cleaning process, it is not allowed to use chemical cleaning agents, nor to use excessive force to brush. Otherwise, the waterproof function of the product is easy to be crushed. Second, during the construction process, it is necessary to prevent sharp objects from being scratched.

The tarpaulin manufacturer hopes that you can pay attention to the above aspects when using the tarpaulin, so that the service life of the pe tarpaulin can be well extended.

The use time of the tarpaulin produced by the tarpaulin manufacturer has brought us great convenience, but the storage time also needs attention.

In the process of use, be sure to put it in place to prevent objects with sharp tools from scratching. If not in use, all spare parts shall have a complete network to prevent next use. Pay attention to handling with care. It should be kept in a quiet place, and the storage temperature should not be too high. In addition, fireworks are strictly prohibited. Things should be clean and well done to prevent the tarpaulin from corruption. In addition, chemical reagents shall not be used for cleaning.

The use and storage of PE tarpaulin must be done well, and the tarpaulin manufacturer may guarantee our normal use.

The tarpaulin manufacturers have many types of tarpaulins with uneven quality, but no matter what type of tarpaulin, its performance indicators must meet the following aspects.

1. Stretch skin and dimensional stability: As tarpaulin and large tarpaulin, it is often used under tension. The elongation of tarpaulin can not be too large, and its dimensional stability is determined by the characteristics of materials.

2. Tensile strength: the tarpaulin must withstand various tensions when in use. The tarpaulin must be subject to the additional force of wind, rain, and economy in use. Even if it is subjected to these external forces, it is required to keep its original shape and not be easy to deform. The tarpaulin requires high tensile strength, and from a larger perspective, the tensile strength requirements are not different.

3. Air permeability: the air permeability of tarpaulin must be considered, especially in the military tarpaulin. As the key element of air permeability, there are the organization, density, material, type of waterproof finishing agent, resin bonding amount, etc. of the base cloth.




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