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Waterproof tarpaulin category and comprehensive discussion

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There are many types of waterproof tarpaulin, mainly PVC knife scraper, poly tarpaulin, polyethylene tarpaulin, PE tarpaulin, fireproof cloth, etc.

PVC knife scraping cloth has high strength, good ductility, and strong flexibility. This unique property makes this material widely used in large-format, atmospheric and delicate commodity supermarkets. The surface of the scraper cloth is smooth and has strong ink absorption. The chemical properties of the material determine its strong ink absorption, and it can adhere with high strength under oily or water-based ink conditions. It has stable physical and chemical properties, mainly in anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance and severe cold resistance.

   The main component of PE tarpaulin is polyethylene, which is a polyethylene resin that is extruded and blown into a film. It is light in texture, soft, easy to shape, and has good light transmittance. Its disadvantages are: poor weather resistance, poor heat preservation, and difficult to bond. Most of the color striped fabric processing on the woven fabric is made of PVC recycled materials or other recycled materials, and the raw materials have poor gum quality. In the production of such materials, the base fabric is sparsely woven, and it is woven from the woven fabric, usually called color striped cloth.

   fireproof cloth is mainly made of fireproof and non-combustible fiber, processed by special process. Main features: non-combustible, high temperature resistance (550~1 degrees), sealed, non-irritating, anti-corrosion, soft texture and toughness, convenient for wrapping objects and equipment with uneven surfaces. It can well protect objects away from hot spots and spark areas, and prevent or isolate combustion.




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