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The relationship between tarpaulin thickness and quality

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Many people think that "the thicker the waterproof tarpaulin, the better the quality." Tarpaulin manufacturers tell you that this is not the case. Why do you say that?

Therefore, when judging the quality of waterproof tarpaulin products, we cannot be sure that the thicker the waterproof tarpaulin, the better, the thinner and the thinner, because the quality of the waterproof tarpaulin depends on various factors, such as roughness. Waterproof tarpaulin surface. The quality of the yarn, the density of the fabric, the quality of the paint and the ratio of the paint.

The correct use of tarpaulin can affect the service life of the car. Therefore, when consumers want to use the tarpaulin when buying a car tarpaulin, relevant people from the tarpaulin manufacturer suggest that the following two points should be done:

      (1) If the surface of the car tarpaulin is a bit dirty, you need to gently scrub it with cold water. Of course, you can also use a sponge with a little detergent to brush away the mildew. Of course, what you need to pay attention to is that when using the car tarp, do not put on shoes and step directly on the car tarp to avoid the fabric strength of the tarp.

      (2) If you are buying a new car tarpaulin, you need to put a layer of stitching glue on the waterproof stitching glue of the tarpaulin, which can effectively ensure that the car tarpaulin is more durable and the car tarpaulin Try to keep it dry and tidy when not in use. If there is water on the surface of the tarp, remember to hang the tarp to air dry.




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