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The important role of tarpaulin

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Although the appearance of the tarpaulin is not beautiful, it has very strong practicability and can bring great benefits and advantages to people's production and life. In order to let more people feel the benefits it brings, then, let's introduce in detail its specific functions.

Tarpaulins have a wide range of uses, from drying food in the countryside to car tarpaulins running on the roads, to large sheds for covering items in factories, tarpaulins are related to our lives, and this is related to the performance of tarpaulins:

1. Light weight, easy to fold, easy to transfer and operate;

2. High strength, wear resistance and long service life;

3. Good waterproof and breathable function, anti-condensation on the inside;

4. Acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, and corrosion resistance;

5. Good weather resistance, flame retardant and fireproof;

6. There is no wicking effect plastic, and the performance characteristics of the plastic tarpaulin will not show moisture permeability.

The material of the tarpaulin is generally plastic, and according to its thickness, the fields and ways of use are also different. Generally speaking, if it is a thicker tarpaulin product, it has ideal waterproof performance and functions, and can play a role in sheltering wind and rain. For example, after the earthquake, many victims built simple places and used thicker plastic tarpaulins.

The tarpaulin has three functions: waterproof, fireproof and mildew proof. The important feature of tarpaulin is waterproof, and a small amount of water is poured on the surface of the product. If the water does not deepen the tarpaulin, the quality of such products is relatively superior.

In addition to playing a role in sheltering the wind and rain, tarpaulin can also be used to store items, that is, laying on the ground, and corresponding items can be placed on it, which is very simple. For example, many rural residents will put wheat and rice on top for drying after harvesting.




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