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The consequences of tarpaulin for truck cover falling off

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Tarpaulin for truck cover are a must in the transportation industry. And with the rise of logistics, there are more and more logistics transport vehicles on highways, and they generally wrap the goods with tarpaulins to escort the goods. But what happens if the tarp alls off during transportation?

First of all, the loss of goods is caused. After the tarp falls off, the goods are easily blown off by strong winds and wet by rain, causing loss of goods and increasing the insured amount. Moreover, the falling off of the tarp also provides opportunities for cargo thieves.Moreover, the road transportation safety is threatened, and the tarpaulin of the truck will fall off during the journey, which can easily cause accidents such as scratching the railway driving equipment and injuring the pedestrians, which brings hidden traffic safety hazards.

Finally, the Tarpaulin for truck cover will fall off and the car will be sealed irregularly, which will be blocked by the traffic police. The new road safety law stipulates that trucks and muck trucks are improperly sealed and have potential safety hazards. They will be fined 2,000 yuan and 6 points will be deducted.




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