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The consequences of not covering the vehicle with a tarp

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my country’s transportation management regulations already have relevant provisions on this, and vehicles carrying freight should be covered with tarps to prevent scattering. And car cover tarps are also very necessary. Three reasons have been cited online.

1.The use of tarpaulin can prevent rain, so that our goods are not easily wetted by the rain, such as some paper products, wood products, etc., and if there is windy or rainy weather on the road, it is also necessary;

2. If the car is not covered, the lighter goods on the car can easily be blown away by the wind, causing economic losses.

3. It can also reduce the dust pollution caused by some vehicles such as transporting soil slag. In addition, as the urban management and other relevant departments have increased their efforts to crack down on vehicles that are not covered with tarpaulins, it will be no good to be fined and suspended if they are not covered. For the safety of our cargo transportation and the environment of our city, Linyi Shengde Plastic Co., Ltd. reminds you to buy and cover it in time. Our factory specializes in the production of tarpaulins. You can order by phone if you need it.




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