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Tarpaulin factory explains tarpaulin repair knowledge

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In the course of use, improper use may sometimes cause damage. When repairing the tarpaulin sewing machine, there are six detailed requirements as follows:

1. Waterproof glue should be applied to both sides of the needle hole of the machine. 6. The hanging water test at the seam, does not allow water seepage, water bleeding, and water leakage.

2. After repairing, the middle of the rope cloth should be properly arched to facilitate the waist rope to pass through.

3. Use straight double-thread machine on both sides to make up. The distance between the two stitches close to the pressure rope should not be less than 45mm. The middle of the tarp after sewing should be properly arched to facilitate the pressure rope to pass through, and the needle and

4. Double-thread sutures are used. There should be a distance of 15mm~20mm between the outer suture and the patch cloth, and the distance between the two sutures is 10mm.

5. The stitches are evenly tight and straight. The stitch size is 14 stitches-18 stitches/100mm, and the stitches at the start and stop stitches are no less than 3 stitches.

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