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Requirements for using truck tarpaulins

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Our high-quality tarpaulin products are generally made of propylene as the main raw material, and their performance is greatly improved. They are also widely used in life to build outdoor tents and carports.

When using truck tarpaulin, it is required that the tarpaulin is flat, no cargo is exposed, the top is ridged, the two ends are tightly wrapped, and the lines on both sides are smooth. The size of each part does not exceed the limit. Moreover, the ropes are tied and tied at the correct position, the rope knots are firm, and there is no slack off, the rope tied to the T-shaped iron is a butterfly-wing knot, and the length of the end of the rope is 100~300mm. The length of the end plate covered by the tarp at one end of the truck hand brake is ≤500mm. The exposure of the truck hand brake disc does not affect the use of the hand brake disc and the hook lever. Another point is that the tarp on both sides of the vehicle sags at the same height, and the vehicle number is exposed. There are also requirements when binding the tarp. The tether of the rope is located in the center of the vehicle, and the middle waist rope is tied to the center of the vehicle. If there is no rope in the middle of the vehicle, the center waist of the tarpaulin is tied to the rope near the center of the vehicle. Starting from the two ends of the vehicle, another waist rope toward the center of the vehicle is sequentially connected to the rope. If the elastic rod does not touch the eyes, you need to fold the elastic rope in the middle, fold the excess rope in the middle, tie two dead knots, and then tie the remaining tail five times with a rope clip or rope, and then tie it with your own rope rod stand up.

The tarpaulin corner ropes at both ends of the truck traverse the end wall of the truck, and each is connected to two ropes at the end of the truck. The angle steel rope must pass through and through the truck's handbrake brake platform, and must pass through the inside when passing through the brake lever and hook. At the same time, the two ropes in the middle of the tarps at both ends of the truck are pulled vertically and tied to the two ropes at the end of the vehicle, and must pass through the interior when passing through the lifting rod.

On the basis of a good waterproof effect, the tarpaulin should also have a good heat absorption function, and it can be well covered regardless of rainy or sunny days.




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