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Performance indicators to pay attention to when buying a car tarpaulin

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Now many large trucks will use tarpaulin on the roof to cover the goods. The quality of car tarpaulin directly affects its later use and the protection of goods. Therefore, the production of tarpaulin The manufacturer recommends that you need to pay attention to the following four performance indicators when purchasing:

 1. Tensile strength: The car tarpaulin must have a certain tensile strength to ensure its normal use, because the car tarpaulin will be exposed to wind when it is covered on the exterior of the car.Scraping and blowing, sometimes children will pull it, if the tensile strength is not large enough, it will simply be stretched and deformed.


2. Flame retardancy: The car tarpaulin is used on the exterior of the car. When people set off firecrackers during the holidays, some accidentally fall on it. If the flame retardancy of the tarpaulin material is improperIf it is good enough, it will burn, and if it is severe, there will be a fire.


3. Tear resistance: In the daily use of car tarpaulins, it is often scratched by sharp objects. If it does not have a certain tear resistance, it will simply show the appearance of cracking.Influence its later use.


4. Water resistance: Many hours of the car tarpaulin are used to prevent rain from washing the surface of the car. If the water resistance is not good enough, it will simply cause the tarpaulin material to be immersed and deformed.There will also be a moldy condition.




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