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How to reduce the damage of PE tarpaulin

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PE tarpaulin is a relatively common tarpaulin on the market, and it is more prone to damage during use. So, how can we reduce the appearance of these damages? Let's take a look at what the tarpaulin manufacturer says.

   1) Storage is divided into: to-be-treated area, good product area, and defective product area. When items are stacked up and down, "the top is small and the bottom is big, the top is light and the bottom is heavy." Storage should abide by three principles: fireproof, waterproof, and pressure-proof; fixed-point and quantitative; first-in first-out.

   2) The items in the warehouse are stored in a normal temperature environment. Items that are susceptible to moisture should not be placed directly on the ground, and should be placed on shelves or pallets for barriers.

   3) Storage conditions: The storage place must be ventilated, ventilated, light, and clean. Keep air circulation during the day. Doors and windows should be closed on rainy days to ensure that the items are dry and avoid moisture.




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