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How to make white PE tarpaulin maintain for a long time

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Hello everyone, today Linyi Shengde Plastic Co., Ltd. shares with you about the maintenance of white PE tarpaulin products. The frequency of use of these products is very high. Because its own color is white, it is relatively difficult to maintain. Pay more attention to maintenance work than other tarpaulins, so how should we maintain white products? Come and find out soon.

The maintenance methods of white PE tarpaulin products are as follows:

  1. When using awhite tarpaulin, try to avoid contact with substances that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink or coal, iron powder and other hard-to-remove substances. Once contaminated with more difficult-to-clean substances, they should be cleaned in time. After cleaning, you must also apply toothpaste or white chalk powder, and evenly apply.

  2. Drying can prevent discoloration. When collecting products, the products should be thoroughly cleaned and dried to ensure that the products are dry and prevent mildew and yellowing.




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