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How to deal with uneven surface of PE tarpaulin

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When we buy PE tarpaulins, we often find that the surface of some PE tarpaulins will be uneven and not smooth, which seriously affects its quality. Therefore, tarpaulin manufacturers should improve their production techniques and processes to avoid this situation. .

The current method to solve this problem mainly starts from the following two aspects:

1.Adjustment of the tension of the weft: the tension of the weft is greatly affected by the size of the shaft, and the tension adjustment of the weft is mainly to adjust the tension of the tension brush tension spring, which is really difficult to balance. It is recommended to improve this adjustment method, such as increasing the friction tension of the end face.

2. Warp tension adjustment: The warp tension adjustment mainly includes the warp creel, the guide holes through which the flat yarn passes, the let-off roller and the jump bar. The rotational resistance torque of the tray axis of each spindle of the warp creel directly affects the origin of the warp tension. In addition, pay attention to whether there is a flat wire wound on the shaft to increase the rotational resistance torque, and whether there is an edge wire that makes the rotational resistance torque unbalanced. Jumper adjustment is the most important thing. First, each jumper must be flexibly rotated. It should not be stuck by dust and greasy. Several or more than a dozen jumpers should be rotated together. If necessary, it is recommended to isolate each jumper with a spacer to increase Activity capacity.




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