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How to avoid tarpaulin aging

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Tarpaulin is a commonly-used daily necessities. It has good waterproof performance and is loved by people. However, its aging problem also annoys us.

In many industries, tarpaulins are almost used, such as the covering of items. Since the tarpaulin is often used outdoors, its aging phenomenon is very serious. How can we avoid aging and prolong its service life?

The first is that the tarpaulin must avoid high temperature exposure, because the tarpaulin is made of PE polyethylene, and the internal particles will be resolved if exposed to the sun, which will make the tarpaulin dry and aging seriously. The second is to try not to let the tarpaulin contact with chemical products. Most chemical products are corrosive. After contact with the tarpaulin, it may deteriorate, especially the items with strong acidity and alkalinity, so we must avoid the tarpaulin Contact these items.

Only when it is properly maintained at ordinary times, The tarpaulin aging phenomenon will not happen or it will happen slowly, and the tarpaulin can serve us better.




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