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Four safety items that should be paid attention to when using rainproof tarpaulin

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With more and more applications of rainproof tarpaulin, the total number of wholesale market for rainproof tarpaulin is also continuously increasing. However, even in that case, the safety of the rainproof tarpaulin cannot be ignoredFor this matter, the rainproof tarpaulin factory has come up with the following safety proposals. The key to the safety application of rainproof tarpaulin is the following four:

1. The rainproof tarpaulin should be put away when it is not needed. All the parts and accessories must be collected thoroughly. There is no need to lose anything to prevent the lack of parts in the next application, and the objects cannot be covered very well.In addition, it is necessary to do a good job in cleaning up the rainproof tarpaulin. After applying the rainproof tarpaulin, if it is not used for a period of time, it must be put away, and it is necessary to carry out a simple combing of the rainproof tarpaulin. prevent Objects rot in the rainproof tarpaulin and will erode the rainproof tarpaulin.

2. When transporting the rainproof tarpaulin, please handle it with care, and also ensure that it is placed in a safe direction to prevent high temperature storage and prohibit fireworks.

3. Before applying the rain-proof tarpaulin, you must first read the article's instruction manual, and then install the rain-proof tarpaulin. Pay attention to some key points of installing the Wuxi rain-proof tarpaulin during the whole process.

4. The rainproof tarpaulin that has been stored for a long time should be exposed to the sun frequently to prevent the breeding of germs on the rainproof tarpaulin, which will inevitably harm the application life of the rainproof tarpaulin.




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