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Detailed explanation of the production process of waterproof tarpaulin

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 The price of waterproof tarpaulin in the market is very high, the effect and function of use are very large, and the role is very wide. Today, the editor introduces the detailed production process of waterproof tarpaulin;

1. Raw material preparation stage

Waterproof tarpaulin materials have differences in raw materials and colors. The fabrics include pvc canvas, plastic-coated cloth, rainproof cloth, waterproof canvas, knife cloth, etc. The color is mainly green.

2. Begin processing

Make the fabric according to the customer's requirements. Firstly, the fabric should be spliced. After all, the width of the fabric is limited. The center seams are all stitched one by one with a sewing machine. They are stitched with a double-needle machine for a strong warp. If it is PVC The plastic-coated cloth can be heat-sealed and spliced with a canvas heat-sealing machine, and the waterproofness of the fabric will be better than that of the sewing machine, and it can be 100% waterproof.

3. Hemming punching process

The spliced semi-finished tarpaulin is wrapped with rope on four sides, so that the tarpaulin will not be damaged due to several times of pulling. Normally, the holes are punched every one meter, and the holes are drawn for stringing.

4. Not all canvases can be heat-sealed. The types of canvases are divided into PVC coated cloth, waterproof canvas, knife scraping cloth, silicone cloth, wax canvas, etc. According to the characteristics of the canvas, different methods should be adopted for processing. Normal heat sealing is only suitable for PVC-coated waterproof canvas, while silicone cloth and wax canvas can only be processed by sewing machines.

5. Waterproof tarpaulin heat sealing machine processing can be 100% waterproof, while sewing machine processing will have pinholes, and the waterproofness is relatively not as good as heat sealing machine processing.




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