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Why does the tarpaulin get moldy when it is stored?

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When we store the tarpaulin, due to incorrect storage methods or other factors, the tarpaulin is often moldy or discolored, which will greatly affect our next use. So, what if the tarp becomes moldy and discolored during storage?

First of all, when we encounter this situation, we need to understand the cause of the moldy tarpaulin first, so that we can treat both the symptoms and the symptoms. Because mold likes damp, dark and warm environments, it can thrive in this environment. The fungus can pass through the curtain fabric, between the fabric and the coating, and then destroy the fabric.

To clean up mildew, we can mix a cup of salt, a cup of lemon juice concentrate, and a gallon of hot water and gradually rub the solution next to the visible mildew. After drying, we find it has a cleansing effect.

When cleaning light-colored tarpaulins, we can cover the tarpaulins with white paper and tear them off after drying to prevent discoloration.

The tents offer creative spatial solutions to meet the individual needs of customers and are available with a full range of accessories. Accessories increase the function and purpose of the tent to meet the various needs of customers. But with prolonged use or improper storage, tarpaulins can turn yellow, black or moldy.

According to research, mold often grows between the fabric and the coating, then destroys the tarp. This damage is irreversible, but if immediate action is taken, further mold growth can be prevented and further damage can be prevented. If the tarp gets moldy, set it up and scrub with warm soapy water and a sponge, then dry with a clean sponge. Dry in the shade and avoid exposure to sunlight.




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