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What are the ways to achieve the effect of flame retardant tarpaulin

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With the development and advancement of flame retardant technology, more and more industries require the treatment of flame retardant technology. A small curtain and a small tarp must be treated with flame retardant technology, because we need to treat ourselves Responsible for the safety of the product, responsible for the customers of product sales. After the scientific surface treatment, the safety of the flame-retardant tarpaulin is guaranteed, making it more suitable for a variety of work occasions, and the sales are also expanded.

  1. It can be seen from the name of the flame-retardant tarpaulin that there are flame-retardant ingredients inside, but what flame-retardant tarpaulin has the flame-retardant ingredients? After investigation, although theflame retardant tarpaulins are all added with flame retardants, the addition of flame retardants needs to be determined according to the situation. Some flame retardant tarpaulins only add one kind, and some will be several Flame retardant blend.

  2. In order to meet the fire protection requirements, general companies will try to use multiple flame retardants to achieve the same flame retardant effect.




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