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What are the ways to achieve flame retardant effect of flame retardant tarpaulin

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Flame retardant tarpaulins are very similar to ordinary tarpaulins, and their material can reduce the flammability of the tarpaulin. This kind of waterproof cloth is treated with ultraviolet rays to prevent the aging phenomenon caused by sun exposure. Even if it is continuously used under strong sunlight, it can be used for many years, and it is also waterproof. It can provide high-quality rain protection, and it also has resistance to all acidic liquids that can damage the tarp and its contents. When the weather becomes cold, the flame retardant tarpaulin can still be used in winter, and it is easy to use and install. Because the edges are equipped with buttonhole grommets, it is easy to fasten with a rope. Come more and more widely. Today, tarpaulin manufacturers come to discuss with you the ways in which flame retardant tarpaulins can achieve flame retardant effects.

  1. It can be seen from the name of the flame-retardant tarp that there are flame-retardant ingredients inside, but what are the flame-retardant ingredients of the flame-retardant tarp? Investigations show that although flame retardant tarpaulins are all added with flame retardants, the type of flame retardant needs to be added depending on the situation. Some flame retardant tarpaulins only add one type, while some will have several types. Mixing of flame retardants.

  2. For cost considerations, general companies will try their best to use a variety of flame retardants to achieve the same flame retardant effect under the premise of meeting the fire protection requirements.




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