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What are the types of plastic tarpaulins

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According to relevant persons of plastic tarpaulin manufacturers, although there are many types of tarpaulins on the market, such as plastic tarpaulins, canvas tarpaulins, waterproof tarpaulins, sun protection tarpaulins, etc., the main common ones are The following:

   1. Three-proof tarpaulin mainly refers to anti-aging, waterproof and anti-mildew.

   Second, the five-proof tarpaulin should be fireproof and anti-corrosion in addition to the three-proof. It is required that the water pressure resistance value is ≥2000MM water column, the cold resistance temperature is -20℃, the mildew resistance test is level 1, and the flame retardant grade is above V-2.

   3. Ordinary tarpaulin has good anti-aging and anti-tearing properties, which is more common in life.




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