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What are the requirements for the use of car tarpaulins

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What are the requirements for the use of car tarpaulins

Linyi Shengde Plastic Co.,Ltd have a variety of tarpaulin products. Among them, car tarpaulins are mainly suitable for convertible cars. So what are the requirements? We can understand in detail.

The size of the plastic tarpaulin can only cover a gondola. If the gondola is loaded with goods, make sure that the goods are not exposed. When covering, you should ensure that the cover is flat and the top must be protruding to prevent rainwater from accumulating and forming a depression when it rains; pay attention to the corners of the gondola and smooth lines to prevent wrinkles, so as not to affect the quality of the tarpaulin. The size of each part of the car should not exceed the limit, the sag height of the tarp on both sides of the convertible should be the same, and the license plate number of the convertible should be exposed. When the knot is tied, it must be firm and the rope should not be loose or falling off. When tying the knot, be careful not to tie it into a dead knot, to tie it into a slip knot, into a butterfly wing shape, and leave ten to thirty centimeters more at the end of the rope to facilitate the unknotting of the rope in the future.

According to the needs of different users and different use environments, the polyethylene tarpaulin is made of new polyethylene as the raw material, with coatings on both sides, making it more waterproof and durable when used.




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