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What are the main types of waterproof tarpaulins?

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We will see that waterproof tarpaulin manufacturers can produce many different prices and different models of products, the effects of use and functions are relatively large, and they play a wider role. So some people will ask what types of waterproof tarpaulins are there?

1. Wax tarpaulin: It is wear-resistant, waterproof and durable; it is relatively heavy and easy to stick to dust. Wax tarpaulin is widely used in tarpaulin products such as open-air cargo yards, tents, car sails, etc. It is formed by the stitching process of trams.

2. PE cloth: The main component is polyethylene, which is a polyethylene resin that is extruded and blown into a film, which is light in texture, soft, easy to shape, good in light transmission, and non-toxic. Its disadvantages are: poor weather resistance, poor heat preservation, and difficult to bond. Most of the color stripe fabric processing on the woven fabric is made of PVC recycled materials or other recycled materials, and the raw materials have poor colloidal quality. For the production of such materials, the base fabric is sparsely woven, and it is woven from the woven fabric, usually called color striped fabric.

3. Silicone cloth: It is light, soft, breathable, non-sticky, wear-resistant, and waterproof. Used in open-air cargo yards, tents and other places, the processing method is tram stitching.

4. Waterproof nylon fabric: It has excellent mildew resistance, flame retardancy, more waterproof than other tarpaulins, good low flexibility, high strength, strong tensile force, and relatively light. The processing method is high temperature heat sealing.

5. Knife scraping cloth: high strength, good ductility, and strong flexibility. This property makes this material widely used in large-format, sophisticated commodity markets. The surface is smooth and has strong ink absorption. The chemical nature of the material determines that it has a relatively strong ink adsorption, and it can adhere under oily or water-based ink conditions. It has stable physical and chemical properties, mainly in anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance and severe cold resistance.

6. PVC coated fabric: The main component is polyvinyl chloride. In the manufacturing process of PVC tarpaulin, some auxiliary materials such as plasticizers and anti-aging agents are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc., and the surface is coated. The paste-like resin is mixed with various chemical additives such as speed-increasing agent, anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent, agent, etc. It has non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance, excellent geometric stability and waterproof, Anti-mildew, wear-resistant, durable, cold-resistant, aging-resistant, and other natural functions.

The above are the main types of waterproof tarpaulins, do you understand?




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