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Understand the storage and folding method of tarpaulin

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Understand the storage and folding method of tarpaulin

The editor of Linyi Shengde Plastic Co.,Ltd reminds you that after using tarpaulin, you must remember to store it reasonably so as not to shorten its service life.

The front of the tarpaulin is flat and wide, leaving two end ropes, and the two sides of the length direction are folded toward the longitudinal center line of the color striped fabric, and the folded side is divided into three equal parts, facing the longitudinal direction Center line, fold twice, then fold the widthwise sides of the color strip to the horizontal centerline of the color strip fabric, and then fold each of them to the mid-waist half and fold halfway and then fold. Bundle with reserved ropes, cross the two sides, tighten them, insert the ropes, do not peel off the slack and rope buckles, and do not drag. The storage location of tarpaulin should be stored indoors, the air should be circulated, and not near hot objects.

For the overall goal of folding tarpaulin, tarpaulin can be easily loaded, transported, copied, cleaned, inspected, fixed, stacked and stored. Tarpaulin is suitable for various outdoor natural conditions, and it is more convenient to use. The tear strength is much better than traditional products. It can not only be used to cover goods, but also can be used to build temporary tents. It has a wide range of uses.

The method to prevent yellowing and discoloration of the tarpaulin during storage is as follows.

1. White paper can be used to cover the surface of tarpaulin and torn off after drying in the sun to prevent its discoloration. The principle of this method is the same as sticking a layer of paper on the surface of the shoes when we dry the white canvas shoes. of.

2. After tarpaulin is cleaned, it should be coated with toothpaste or powder made of white chalk, and should be evenly coated, and then dried to prevent discoloration.

3. In normal use, avoid contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as tarpaulin and carbon ink.

I want to know whether everyone has learned these tips about tarpaulin after reading the introduction of the article. Friends in need can refer to the content of the article for operation, I believe it will have good results.




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