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There are mainly three kinds of antistatic agents commonly used when making PE tarpaulins

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Now when making PE tarpaulins, various additives are often added to enhance its performance. Antistatic agents are one of them. Generally, there are three commonly used antistatic agents, namely:


    1. Cationic antistatic agent: usually some long-chain alkyl quaternary ammonium, phosphorus or phosphonium salt, with chloride as counter ion. They work well in polar substrates, such as rigid polyvinyl chloride and styrenic polymers, but have an adverse effect on their thermal stability. Such antistatic agents are generally not allowed to be used in items that come in contact with food; and the antistatic effect is only 1/5 to 1/10 of that of internal antistatic agents such as ethoxylated amines.


    2. Anionic antistatic agents: usually alkali metal salts of alkyl sulfonic acid, phosphoric acid or dithiocarbamic acid, which are also mainly used in polyvinyl chloride and styrene resins; their application in polyolefin resins The effect is similar to cationic antistatic agent. Among anionic antistatic agents, sodium alkyl sulfonate has been widely used in styrene resins, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene terephthalate and polycarbonate.


    3. Non-ionic antistatic agents: such as ethoxylated aliphatic alkyl amines represent a larger class of antistatic agents. They are widely used in polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS and other styrenic polymers. There are several types of ethoxylated alkyl amines produced and sold. The difference lies in the length of the alkyl chain and the degree of unsaturation. Ethoxylated alkyl amines are very effective antistatic agents, even under low relative humidity, and are effective for a long time.




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