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The difference between fire retardant tarpaulin and tarpaulin

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Fire retardant tarpaulin are very similar to ordinary tarpaulins. The quality and specifications are the same. The only difference is that their material can reduce the flammability of the tarpaulin.

This tarp is treated with ultraviolet rays to prevent aging caused by sun exposure. Even if it is used continuously under strong sunlight, it can be used for many years.

And it is also waterproof, it can provide high-quality rain protection, and it is also resistant to all acidic liquids that can damage the tarp and its contents. As the weather gets colder, the flame retardant tarp can still be used in winter.

It is also easy to use and install, because the edges are equipped with grommets, which can be fastened easily with a rope.

The characteristics of fire retardant tarpaulin: Waterproof, acid-resistant, abrasion-resistant, frost-resistant, and light-resistant




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