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Selection and use knowledge of tarpaulin

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Selection and use knowledge of tarpaulin

Selection and use knowledge of tarpaulin

For tarpaulin products, you need to check the material of the tarpaulin when choosing, to see if it is rich in harmful substances, will it emit toxic gases, and will it harm human health.

If conditions permit, the tarp can be taken to the field and placed in the sun to test its shading function, and water to check its rain shading function. When using the tarp, you should avoid sharp objects scratching the fabric, otherwise it may cause the waterproof performance of the fabric to decrease. After use, unfold and dry before packaging and storing. Waterproof tarpaulin only has the effect of waterproofing. Keep away from the fire source when using it, and pay more attention to fire prevention when storing. In the process of transportation, try to use even force to prevent damage to the tarpaulin due to damage to the outer packaging. Compared with other similar products, it has a longer service life, is more resistant to folding and abrasion as a whole, has more variety, light texture, low water absorption, no weight gain, and good waterproof effect. Anti-mildew, cold resistance, aging resistance, antistatic, acid and alkali resistance, good heat resistance, etc.

Before spreading the tarpaulin, you should also check the ground to remove sharp objects to prevent the tarp from scratching. Before putting the tarp away, you need to dry the water on the tarp.




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