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Precautions for choosing the color of polyethylene tarpaulin

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With the rapid development of the express delivery industry, we often choose to use polyethylene tarpaulin as a cover when transporting goods to protect the goods from damage. However, due to the various colors of polyethylene tarpaulin on the Linyi tarpaulin market, everyone does not know how to choose. In this regard, relevant professionals suggest that you should pay attention to the following points when selecting:

  1. If the cargo you are transporting cannot have too much heat inside, it is recommended to choose a low-brightness one, because its light transmittance is relatively poor and will serve as a natural heat source brought by the sun.

  2. Because the color will affect the internal temperature, the light transmittance of the highlight will be higher, but the heat transferred will be higher, so you must pay attention to this when choosing.

  3. When purchasing, you will also choose the color you like, but don't reduce the impact on the natural environment. Low-brightness green and brown palladium are good choices. High-brightness color tarpaulin looks brighter Beyond the eyes, there is the advantage of being easy to search.

  In short, as long as you pay attention to the above points, I believe everyone can make a decision when choosing polyethylene tarpaulin.




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