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Points to note when using white PE tarpaulin

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The main points to be noted during the use of white PE tarpaulin are:

  1. First of all, when using white PE tarpaulin, users should not step on the shoes directly, as this may damage the strength of the tarpaulin fabric. Secondly, when using white PE tarpaulin, keep it dry. After use, the tarpaulin should be hung up to air dry. If the tarpaulin is found to be dirty, it should be scrubbed gently with water. Do not use chemically added detergents or scrub hard.

  2. When using the new white PE tarpaulin, add a layer of suture glue to the waterproof suture glue. It may take a long time for the tarpaulin to be used from the factory until it is used. It is necessary to consolidate the waterproof measures.

  3. The tarpaulin should be fixed to the ground during construction to prevent it from being pressed firmly with bricks etc. and collapse.

  4. Note that the tarpaulin should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew and odor, and do not use the washing machine to wash. Do not brush hard, so as to avoid short lines, or brush off the pattern and decoration parts of the shoe body. Note that the force should be gentle and even when cleaning. When cleaning, if you find that the plastic tarpaulin is broken, disconnected, or the decoration parts are loose, you should send it in time to extend its service life.

  5. Be careful not to touch carbon ink and other hard-to-clean items. After cleaning this tarpaulin, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder. Make sure that it is uniform and cool to dry to prevent discoloration.




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