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Method for measuring the density of polyethylene tarpaulin

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Tarpaulin wholesale market has a wide variety of tarpaulins, and density is a criterion for judging its quality. Generally, the commonly used methods for measuring the density of polyethylene tarpaulins are:

   As far as the calculation unit of the tarpaulin fabric density is in metric system, it refers to the number of warp and weft yarns displayed within 10cm. Then when testing the tarpaulin density, if you roughly estimate the density of the tarpaulin, the yarn characteristics are small, and the rules Organized, you can use the direct test method.

   First of all, it is to analyze the fabric structure and the number of weaves circulating warp yarns (the number of weaving weft yarns), and then multiply by the number of weaves circulating in 10cm, and the product obtained is the warp (weft) yarn density. If it does not belong to the above-mentioned tarpaulin type, and the tarpaulin factory, it will use the direct measurement method, which is to rely on the cloth mirror or fabric density analysis mirror to complete.




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