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Method for determination of tinting strength of pigments in polyethylene tarpaulin

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Linyi Shengde tarpaulin manufacturers say that the main methods for determining the tinting strength of pigments in polyethylene tarpaulins are:

(1) Test equipment Two-roll plastic mill roll rotation: 25 rpm, speed ratio 1:1.2 The surface of the roll is chrome-plated. The flat press can be heated and cooled. Two stainless steel mirror panels, inner frame: square frame, thickness 0.5mm.

(2) The test material is composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, titanium dioxide, and pigment.

(3) Test method: Control the surface temperature of the roller at 160℃, and the thickness of the PVC sheet is 0.4mm; plastic refining time: 7~8 minutes for tableting; tablet pressing: hold pressure at 165℃~170℃ for 1 minute after compression time Quick cooling.

(4) Color measurement: Measure the standard color value and calculate the K/S value. The pigment tinting strength test can compare the tinting strength difference between the two with its standard sample, when adjusted to the same tinting strength. High density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. can also be used for testing.




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