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Learn how to fold tarpaulin

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Tarpaulin manufacturer is a tarpaulin company specializing in the production and sales of tarpaulins. It has a high level of production for plastic tarpaulins. In order to promote the loading, handling, copying, inventory, safety, loading and storage of color striped tarpaulins, There are standard tarpaulin folding standards.

(1) After flattening the tarpaulin, fold the four sides of the waist rope on each side.

(2) For the first pear (net), fold it in half from side to side for 2.5 minutes.

(3) The second fold (net weight), on the other hand, the width is half.

(4) For the third fold (net weight), fold one side to continue folding, align the two edges, and then remove the side rope from one end.

(5) The fourth fold (horizontal), fold one end of the printed number to the center, fold it to the edge of the number on the back, and then fold the four ropes down. The distance from the other end to both ends is 300 mm. Leave the folded middle ends on the outside, and then insert the rest of the paper roll inside.

(6) Fold the fifth (horizontal), fold separately, put the two cross-end ropes at the corner, and place the head at the seam of the corner.

(7) For the sixth fold (horizontal), fold and fold each middle roller, and its end is still aligned with the original end of the sewing cloth, leaving a distance of 300 mm.

(8) The seventh fold (horizontal), fold the crease back to the middle of the crease to align the edges of each pile of paper, then bend the roll and fold it into a rectangle, tie two ropes in the left and right directions, the pitch is horizontal The end of the rope is about 400 mm, tie the rope to the side seam, and then insert the remaining inner seam of the rope.




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