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How to use tarpaulin to better waterproof

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We need to cover the cargo with tarpaulin to prevent rain erosion When heavy rain is about to come. But many people are rushing around, the tarpaulin is crumpled, and the expected effect cannot be achieved. This is caused by not knowing the rules of tarpaulin use. How can we quickly and neatly cover the goods with tarpaulin? Now let's follow the tarpaulin manufacturer to find out!

The fixing of the ground nails should have an inclination angle, the angle of view should be 35-45 degrees, the distance and direction of the ground nails into the ground should be on the same axis as the rope, and the rope and the ground nail should be at a 90 degree angle, which is conducive to reaching the force. strength. Pay attention to the corresponding fixation in the fixing sequence, for example: the left front corner, the right rear corner, the right front corner, and the left rear corner in sequence. After the entire tarp is fixed, adjust the rope pull line to make all aspects of the pulling force common.

The skirt of the tarpaulin is tied with rope, which is more conducive to windproof. Linyi Tarpaulin Factory reminds everyone that when supporting the tarp, in addition to the reliable connection with the tent pole, special attention should be paid to pulling the leash to make the tarp tight so that the tarp can achieve good rain resistance.

When using a rainproof tarp, keep it dry. After use, hang the rainproof tarp to air dry. It is found that the rainproof tarpaulin is dirty. You should scrub with water lightly. Do not use chemically added detergents or scrubbing hard to prevent damage to the waterproof membrane on the surface of the cloth and affect the waterproof function of the tarpaulin.




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