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How to use tarpaulin for truck cover

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How to use tarpaulin for truck cover

1.When carrying cargo that is easy to be spilled and scattered or sandy and fine particles, the load shall not exceed the height of the carriage. The warehouse-type truck should be covered with canvas or geotextile on all sides of the carriage to prevent the cargo from leaking and spilling.

2. The tarp is a longitudinal thatch cover, and the left and right sides sag at least 50 cm in height. The barn-grid truck is guaranteed to cover the barn, and the bandage is fixed under the manger.

3. The sagging height of the front and rear ends should meet the requirements of the closed thatch cover as much as possible. After the four corners of the goods above the manger are packed and compacted, the tightening ropes are tightened. The ropes are fixed at the front and rear of the manger in an "X" shape, and the car number should not be blocked. 

4. In order to ensure that the tarp bandage or rope is firm and tight, it is recommended to fix it with a buckle or a manger with a rope tensioner (as shown below), and it is prohibited to use elastic ropes for binding.

5. In order to prevent the loosening of bandages and ropes during transportation, leading to loose cargo, encourage long-distance trucks to strengthen the reinforcement by increasing the knot density or by covering the "D" and "diamond" rope nets.




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