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How to reduce the damage to garden tarpaulin products

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When we use garden tarpaulin products, because tarpaulins are generally used in an open-air environment, they are often exposed to wind, sun, and rain. These environments have a great influence on the quality of our tarpaulin. So how should we reduce the damage to tarpaulin products during daily use? Let's take a look at it with the editor.

When we use the tarp to clean up, we should pay attention to when cleaning the garden tarpaulin products, the force should be gentle and even, not hard to brush, so as to avoid short lines, and after cleaning, we should place it in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally. Do not bake in the hot sun or high temperature to prevent degumming or degumming and accelerate aging. Avoid contact between the plastic tarpaulin and sharp objects to prevent scratches and piercing the plastic tarpaulin, and do not contact with acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals to avoid corrosion and degumming. Note that if it is a colored plastic tarpaulin, you need to be careful not to come in contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink.

    Secondly, we must clean the garden tarpaulin products before preservation. If there is any dust or oil, it needs to go through a certain cleaning. When drying, we must dry it in the shade, not directly. Under the sun, this will cause the quality of the tarp to deteriorate. Only by doing a good job in the maintenance of the plastic tarpaulin can the tarpaulin be used for a longer time, so we must pay attention to the protection of the plastic tarpaulin.




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