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How to avoid or delay the aging phenomenon of canvas?

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Canvas is widely used in many outdoor fields due to its own shading, rainproof and other practical properties. However, many canvases are prone to aging after long-term use. How can canvas avoid or delay aging?

There are many types of canvas, which generally have a good durability under normal use conditions, and basically have a longer service life as long as they are used properly. The following Jigao Canvas Factory will share with you the wrong use of canvas:


Avoid exposure and high temperature:


Due to the characteristics of its own material, canvas has good high temperature resistance, and there are currently some fireproof cloths that have been specially treated, but even this is not recommended to expose the canvas to long-term exposure and high temperature environments. It is even better not to expose them to high temperatures, nor to expose them to the sun for a long time. Only in this way can the canvas be used for a long time and avoid aging.


Avoid contact with chemical substances:


When the canvas is in contact with chemical substances, it will also experience abnormal aging, such as corrosion, deterioration, loss of softness, etc., especially some substances with too high acidity and alkalinity, or too high salinity, they will directly Eroded the cloth material. Therefore, in order to avoid the aging phenomenon of such products and prevent them from showing unusable effects, we have to avoid their contact with chemical substances.


In general, the canvas should be used as far as possible to avoid high temperature and exposure to the sun. In addition, the canvas should not be exposed to various chemicals, which can easily cause accelerated aging or even damage to the canvas.




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