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How many grades and color classifications of fireproof tarpaulins?

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1. As a special industry,fireproof tarpaulin is used for the safety protection of special operators. It is roughly divided into silicone coated glass fiber cloth, basalt fiber fireproof cloth, acrylic cotton chemical fiber fireproof cloth, Nomex fireproof cloth, SM fireproof cloth, dark blue glass Fiber fireproof cloth, aluminum platinum fireproof cloth, etc.

2. Fire tarpaulin fires are divided into 0 to 7 octave open flames, each of which has four fire safety levels that should be light, light, moderate, aspect ratio and extremely high aspect ratio risk.

3. The flame retardant fireproof tarpaulin is divided into post-combine flame retardant and raw material flame retardant. The color can generally be printed and dyed according to the number of colors shown. According to different application regulations, there are too many different specifications and models. 

4. The type of fireproof tarpaulin is different, and the application field is also different. Some are suitable for welding and other places with flames and easy to cause fire accidents. They can resist fire splashes, slag, welding spatters, etc., and have a barrier to the workplace , Separate the middle layer of the work, and eliminate the risk of fire accidents that may be caused by electric welding.




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