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Fixing method of tarpaulin on large truck

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Fixing method of tarpaulin on large truck. Everyone knows that large trucks must be covered with tarpaulins for protection from rain and snow after loading goods. For professional drivers, this may be a simple matter, but for novices, on the one hand, they don’t know. How to operate, on the other hand, also consider whether it requires a lot of energy, so you must tie up the tarp to ensure safety before going on the highway. Let's take a look at the way to fix the tarpaulin of the truck.

First, the pressure ropes at each end of the tarp should be pressed against the corners of the tarp and tightened so that the tarp is tightly attached to the end wall of the vehicle and tied to the first rope on the side of the vehicle, and not tied to the towing hook.

Secondly, the place where the truck is tied to the rope should not be tied to other parts. The tarpaulin rope should be turned into the word "again" and then tied to the other end of the rope end. Pull the rope tail with one hand. Double ropes can be used when the rope is long. Fold the rope into two, and then tie them to turn flowers. In other words, the rope tethering adopts the bow tie method or the back-to-head knot method. After the tethered rope, it should be wrapped around its own rope pole, and at least two dead knots should be tied. The length of the rope head and tail shall not exceed 300mm and not less than 100mm.

The waist rope should be tied straight to the side rope. The stretched length of the elastic part of the bungee cord shall not be less than 200mm, which shall be determined according to the cargo loading. If there is a rope in the middle of the vehicle, the waist rope in the middle is tied to the rope in the middle of the vehicle; if there is no rope in the middle of the vehicle, the waist rope in the middle of the tarp is tied to the rope near the middle of the vehicle. Other waist ropes, starting from the two ends of the vehicle, toward the middle of the vehicle, are tied to the corresponding ropes in sequence. When the elastic rod is not close to the eye circle, the elastic rope should be retracted from the middle, and the excess rope in the middle should be folded and tied into two knots, and the remaining tail shall be tied with a rope clip or twine 5 times and tied tightly with its own rope rod.

The tarpaulin corner ropes at both ends of the truck cross along the end wall of the truck and are respectively tied to the two rope ties at the ends of the truck. When the angle rope passes through the brake platform of the truck's human brake, it should pass through it; when it passes through the brake lever and the hook lever, it should pass through the inner side. At the same time, pay attention to the two end ropes in the middle of the tarpaulin at both ends of the truck. Pull down vertically and tighten the two ropes tied to the ends of the vehicle. When passing through the hook rod, they should also pass through the inner side.




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