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Each tent is made of different materials and has different application effects.

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Various tarpaulin manufacturers use different skills and materials in the production process.

When tarpaulin manufacturers process materials, the products they produce will bring different application effects during use. The sales volume of the tarpaulin factory in the shopping mall has been very good, and the tarpaulin products produced by the tarpaulin factory are also in considerable demand in the shopping mall.

Tarpaulins are very common in our life. Many people think that its only function is to cover items. In fact, it has a wide range of applications and many varieties. The following will introduce the use of tarpaulin to you.

There are many kinds of tent fabrics, such as tents, military tents, construction tents, folding tents, etc. Each tent is made of different materials and has different application effects. Some materials are thick, and one has a harsh living environment, some are rain-proof and snow-proof, and some are shaded. As an experienced tarpaulin factory, we will add modern elements to the planning of tarpaulins, improve the quality of products, and make them play an important role in industry, agriculture and construction.

In fact, for tarpaulin manufacturers, there are many details that must be paid attention to in order to occupy a very good position in the shopping center. The first important thing is that the tarpaulin manufacturer must have a very wide range of business. Now there are many tarpaulin processing factories and plastic tarpaulin factories in the society. If tarpaulin manufacturers can develop well in both areas, it will naturally attract more consumers.

The rainproof tarpaulin manufacturer's products are dyed with dyes in the manufacturing process, but when choosing a suitable dye, please follow the following standards.

Choose dyes according to the performance of the rainproof tarpaulin dyeing machine: Different dyeing machines have different performance and requirements for dyes. When used for jigging, please select dyes with high directness for rolling. Please choose dyes with low directness, otherwise it will produce products that are dark in the front and light in the back, unequal in color, and do not meet the requirements.

Choose dyes based on tarpaulin dye costs: When choosing a dye, consider not only shade and robustness, but also the cost and source of supply of tarpaulin dyes and additives. For higher-priced dyes, try to replace them with other dyes with the same dyeing effect to reduce production costs.

The rainproof tarpaulin selects the dye according to the properties of the fiber: the properties of each fiber are different, and the appropriate dye needs to be selected when dyeing. For example, when cotton fiber is dyed, because its molecular structure contains a large number of hydrophilic hydroxyl groups, it is easy to absorb moisture and expand, and has a chemical reaction with reactive groups. . Polyester has strong hydrophobicity, high temperature and alkali resistance. Generally, the above dyes are not selected for rain-proof tarpaulins, but disperse dyes must be selected for dyeing.




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