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Analysis of the reasons for the popularity of polyethylene tarpaulin

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There are many types of Linyi tarpaulin, polyethylene tarpaulin is one of them, but why can this kind of tarpaulin be widely used? In this regard, the relevant person said:

   1) Corrosion resistance: Polyethylene material is resistant to a variety of chemicals, and basically does not deform after soaking.

   2) Weather resistance: Polyethylene material has a high degree of cross-linking and good stability. It is irradiated with ultraviolet rays for 300 hours without any change in the surface layer and has a long service life.

   3) Cushioning properties: Polyethylene materials have better impact resistance and cushioning properties.

   4) Non-toxic: Polyethylene material does not contain any toxic substances. When it is decomposed at high temperature, harmful objects will not grow.

   5) Low temperature resistance: under strong low temperature, the structure of the polyethylene material will not be damaged, deformed or cracked.

   6) Prevent condensation: The polyethylene material has a closed cell structure and has excellent resistance to water penetration.

   7) Long service life: Because of its excellent weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and stability of the material structure, the service life is higher than that of traditional materials.




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