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Why PE tarpaulin will become the mainstream of waterproof tarpaulin

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PE tarpaulin has become the mainstream waterproof tarpaulin because of its 100% waterproof, environmentally friendly and healthy, light and easy to store and use, and recyclable.

  1. PE tarpaulin uses pure PE polyethylene, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, healthy, recyclable, and does not damage the environment. It is the most suitable tarpaulin for human development.

2. The waterproof rate of PE tarpaulin is 100%, and there will be no water seepage. For this, you can refer to the plastic washbasin at home.

3. PE tarpaulin has strong processability and plasticity. Due to the good heat sealability of PE polyethylene, it can be said that tarpaulins of any specifications can be made according to customized requirements, such as mechanical tarpaulins and truck tarpaulins. And the heat-sealing interface effect is good, which is not possible with other materials of tarpaulin splicing processing of.

4. Finally, the production process of PE tarpaulin is simple, suitable for mass production, and our company will also provide invoices and public accounts, welcome new and old customers to come and purchase.

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