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What to pay attention to when using waterproof PE tarpaulin

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Waterproof PE tarpaulin is a kind of tarpaulin that is widely used now, and it has many uses, such as covering open-air cargo, covering cargo on trucks, etc. However, professionals from Linyi tarpaulin manufacturers remind everyone that if it is waterproof If PE tarpaulin is to be used on the cover of vehicle cargo, there are several things that need to be paid attention to.

1. Railway tarpaulin cannot be mixed with self-provided tarpaulin, and the tarpaulin cover should meet the standard requirements. At the same time, it should be noted that the tarpaulin used for loading must be of good quality, with complete tarpaulin ropes, complete and clear markings and numbers.

2. The tarpaulin shall not be horizontally thatched, pad the vehicle, or in the vehicle, and shall not replace the loading of reinforcement materials.

3. The railway tarpaulin shall not be borrowed or used for other purposes. If found, it shall be corrected immediately.

4. The tarpaulin is only used for wet, flammable goods or other goods that require thatched tarpaulin.




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