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What should be paid attention to when maintaining PE tarpaulin?

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The products produced by PE tarpaulin manufacturers are now very convenient to use. Linyi Shengde tarpaulin can also be made into a variety of different colors, but at the time of use, it is still required to maintain it according to its usefulness, so about it The maintenance knowledge, let us study in detail above!

What should be paid attention to when maintaining PE tarpaulin? Every time we use it, we need to put it up in real time, and then wait for it to dry naturally. If the tarp is stained with unclean stains, then we need to use purified water to remove it in real time and wipe it clean. , But in the process of cleaning, it is not allowed to use cleaning agents with chemicals, and do not scrub too hard, otherwise, the waterproof function of the product is easily crushed, and the second is to prevent sharp objects during the construction process. Scratching the tent will affect the results of its use.

I hope that everyone can pay attention to the above aspects when using the time, so that the service life of PE tarpaulin can be extended.

The tarpaulin produced by PE tarpaulin manufacturers brings us great convenience in the use of time, but we also need to pay attention to the storage time.

In the course of utilization, it must be properly placed to prevent scratches from sharp objects or objects. If it is not in use, all spare parts must be networked to prevent the impact on the next use. Pay attention to it when transporting. It should be handled with care, to ensure that the tube is placed in a quiet position, and the storage temperature should not be too high, and fireworks are strictly prohibited. Clean things must also be done well to prevent the tarp from becoming corrupted. In addition, chemical agents cannot be used for cleaning during cleaning.

The use and storage of PE tarpaulin must be done well. Linyi Shengde tarpaulin is to ensure our normal utilization.




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