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What needs to be prepared in advance for the sewing of rainproof tarpaulin?

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Plastic tarpaulin wholesale market can buy all kinds of tarpaulin, and in the process of using rainproof tarpaulin, if the damage is not serious, it can be used with a simple repair. However, before patching, you need to do the following preparations:

    1. The repair place has good indoor ventilation and lighting, and the place has a hard surface.

    2. Repairing equipment: equipment for industrial sewing machines, heat welding machines, rope thermal bonding equipment, bleed test equipment, eye circle molds and auxiliary equipment, light transmission equipment (lights and natural light transmission), washing equipment, drying equipment, etc. Necessary repair equipment.

When repairing, you must pay attention to the following requirements:

    ①The distance between the periphery of the patch cloth and the periphery of the breach or hole is more than 40mm, and the shape of the patch is usually round or square, and the four corners of the square should be arcs. In case of a large-shaped break or hole, it can be cut according to the shape of the break or hole.

    ②It is not allowed to have missing or missing coating, and it is also not allowed to replace welding or glue repair with needle seam.

However, if you choose to repair the rainproof tarpaulin by welding or glue repair, then you must also meet the following conditions:

    ① The adhesive strength of the repaired area is not less than 25N/30mm, and the repaired area is tested by hanging water. Water seepage, water bleeding and water leakage are not allowed.

    ②Breaks should be butted by hand, and should be flat and aligned after butting. The stitching stitch spacing is 14 stitches-18 stitches/100mm. The width of the patch cloth to be glued after the manual butt joint is 100mm~120mm. Holes cannot be rigidly connected.

    ③The bonding of the patch and the tarp should be smooth, tightly attached, and strong. No desoldering, opening and warping are allowed, no agglomeration is allowed, and the sanded part of the patch shall not be exposed.




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