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What kinds of fabrics are used in truck tarpaulins

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1. Regarding truck tarpaulins, currently available tarpaulins on the market mainly use five materials:

(1), Nylon: The scientific name is polyamide fiber. The main ones are nylon 66 and nylon 6, which are designated as nylon in China, namely nylon 66 and nylon 6. Nylon has strong tension, beautiful and smooth color. Not easy to fade, soft texture, and excellent strength, canvas cotton tent. Not easy to mold. Will not be eaten by insects. Its hygroscopicity is low. Does not soften when frozen. It is now widely used data.

 (2), Canvas: Canvas Tent Factory. Strong waterproof and good heat insulation effect. When the sun is shining, it is not hot, but the texture is hard and awkward, and it is mildewed and faded. The economic benefits are not as good as nylon, and it has been gradually eliminated.

(3) Silk silk: It is a fabric blended with nylon and natural fiber (Japanese ayon), so the composition will have the characteristics of nylon and natural fiber in the future, the fabric surface is smooth, and the air permeability is good, but the durability and strength are not as good as pure nylon. Well, look at the talent. It is mostly used in cold climates. For example, in cold climates, the water vapor in the tent must be dissipated when the tent door is closed tightly so that it is not too dull or too humid.




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