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What is the use of PE tarpaulin

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PE tarpaulin has a wide range of uses, such as outdoor living, construction living, disaster relief living, field activity living, temporary warehouses, long-term warehouses, workshops, temporary activities (residence, offices, dining halls, baths, medical and health rooms, etc.).

But pay attention to the following points when using PE tarpaulin:

1. When using tarpaulin, avoid sharp objects from scratching the fabric, which will reduce the waterproof performance of the fabric.

2. When using the tarpaulin, avoid sharp objects from scratching the fabric, which will cause the waterproof performance of the fabric to decrease.

3. When tarpaulins are stacked in inventory, they should be protected from moisture and rodents. Depending on the local humidity and climate, they should be dried regularly

4. During the transportation of the tarpaulin, try to pay attention to uniform force to prevent damage to the outer packaging and prevent brute force from tearing the insulation quilt.

5. Tarpaulin is generally not fireproof. When using it, keep it away from the source of fire, and pay more attention to fire prevention when storing it.

6. When the tarp is unfolded, it is unfolded because it is placed in a good place to avoid damage to the insulation caused by pulling on the ground

7. Check the ground before unfolding the tarp to remove sharp objects to prevent the insulation from being damaged by the surface cloth

8. Please foresee the local wind, when the wind is too strong, please reinforce the tarp in advance




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