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What is rainproof tarpaulin

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The range of the rainproof tarpaulin is very wide, and the material of the rainproof tarpaulin is also various. Rainproof tarpaulin is a piece of cloth that can cover things, but its effect is far better than ordinary cloth, because it can also prevent rain. Use tarpaulin for sun and rainproof tarpaulin, that is, PVC material. Try to use the kind that is not stiff in winter. The service life is longer. Canvas can also be used, but the rainproof effect is not as good as tarpaulin.

The  rainproof tarpaulin cover is flat when used, the cargo is not exposed, the corners at both ends are closely attached, and the lines on both sides are smooth. Each part does not exceed the limit. The length of the waterproof tarpaulin at one end of the truck manpower brake droops to cover the end plate part length 300mm ~ 500mm. The brake disc of the truck's manual brake is exposed, which does not affect the use of the manual brake and hook lever. The sagging height at the other end is about 600mm. When the waterproof tarpaulin is too long, this limit can be exceeded, but it must not affect the use of the pressure rope.




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