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What is PE tarpaulin?

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First of all, PE is the abbreviation of polyethylene. PE tarpaulin is naturally a tarpaulin product produced using polyethylene as the main raw material. Compared with PVC, the advantage of PE is that it is non-toxic. The chemical raw material PE is a kind of white particles or powder, which feels a bit like wax to the touch; moreover, polyethylene is relatively stable in many inert gases and will not decompose at temperatures below 300 degrees.

Linyi Shengde Plastics specializes in the production of high-quality tarpaulins, whose quality is comparable to the highly searched Zhengzhou tarpaulins. We produce various types of tarpaulins, including basic thatch tarpaulins, car tarpaulins, camouflage tarpaulins, and inorganic tarpaulins. Tarpaulin and so on. Advanced production technology, high-quality raw material production, the products have very good anti-sun, anti-freezing, anti-aging, anti-corrosion and other excellent properties, are widely sold to cities in demand across the country, and have received very high evaluations.

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