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What factors determine the Tarpaulin price?

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Nowadays, waterproof cloth is mostly used in the room. In fact, one-time decoration costs a lot, and some budgets may not be enough, but friends who are more concerned about quality may go to various parties to investigate and compare the price and quality of this Tarpaulin price.

The price of waterproof cloth is generally determined by the material of the waterproof cloth:

Nylon waterproof fabric has good air permeability, but the windproof effect is poor. The waterproof fabric of this material is cheaper.

Polyester waterproof fabric is characterized by its first-class waterproof and windproof effect, but its breathability is poor. The price of waterproof fabric of this material is relatively high. Commonly used waterproof fabrics of this type include chemical waterproof protection and diving suits.

The above are the factors that affect the Tarpaulin price. If you need it, you can also choose the tarpaulin that suits your needs. If you want to know anything about waterproof cloth, you can also consult Sidley Plastics. Shengde Plastics is a professional manufacturer of waterproof cloth. As long as you ask, we will definitely give you the most professional advice!




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