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What are the processing characteristics of PE tarpaulin raw materials

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PE tarpaulin is one of the many types of Linyi tarpaulin, and it is also one of the more used ones. The raw material PE of this tarpaulin has excellent molding processing properties and good fluidity. So, what are the processing characteristics of this material?

   1. The melt of PE is sensitive to the shear rate. As the shear rate increases, the melt viscosity decreases more.

   2. In the molten state, PE has a tendency to oxidize, so the contact between the melt and air and the residence time at high temperatures should be minimized during the molding process.

   3. The determination of PE molding processing temperature mainly depends on the molecular weight, density and crystallinity. Although the molding processing temperature of PE is not high, the heat capacity of PE melt is relatively large, and its cooling rate has a great impact on the quality and performance of the sheet.

   Fourth, the crystallinity of the product depends on the control of the cooling rate during the molding process. Due to the crystallization, the cooling is uniform and the crystallization is uniform. After cooling, the shrinkage is large, and the molding shrinkage rate is 1.5%-4%.




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