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What are the main requirements for propylene raw materials for PE tarpaulin

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Nowadays, there are many manufacturers selling PE tarpaulin in our market, and people's demand for this kind of products is relatively large. Then, why do people like to use this kind of products? When producing PE tarpaulin products, what issues should we pay attention to? What are the requirements of PE tarpaulin for propylene raw materials? Please see below.

1. We all know that in the production of tarpaulin products, impurities will damage the catalyst system and its function, and directly affect the quality of polypropylene.

2. Among them, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfide and water can directly destroy the catalysis of the catalyst system during the polymerization process; hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfide can terminate the polymerization chain.

3. Unsaturated hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide can directly participate in the polymerization chain and the influence of demethyl acetylene and propadiene is more significant. All these phenomena are enough to change the expected isotactic structure and molecular weight. Therefore, the refining of propylene raw materials is very important.

The above is a brief introduction by the editor for the requirements of propylene raw materials for PE tarpaulins. I hope the above introduction can help you.




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